Here at MECALAB Ltd we have the microscope expertise to help you with your microscope accesories. We have  a big selection of Microscope Parts, Microscope Accessories, and Microscopy Supplies.  We have microscope slides and prepared slides kit, camera adapters, heated stages, trinocular microscope heads, epi fluorescence attachment, microscope objectives for all kind of microscopes even the new generation for Leica and Nikon , bulbs for your illumination microscope.
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Sildes shown # 8156 and #8157
# 8175  Plain end Cut edges 1 gross = 144 slides
# 8176 Plain end Cut edges 10 gross = 1440 slides
# 8154 Plain end Polished edges 1 gross = 144 slides
# 8155 Plain end Polished edges 10 gross = 1440 slides
# 8158 Frosted end Cut edges 1 gross = 144 slides
# 8159 Frosted end Cut edges 10 gross = 1440 slides
# 8156 Frosted end Polish edges 1 gross = 144 slides
# 8157 Frosted end Polish edges 10 gross = 1440 slides
# 8158 20x20mm COVER GLASS #0
# 8159 24x24mm COVER GLASS #0
# 8160 22x40mm COVER GLASS #0
# 8161 22x60mm COVER GLASS #0
# 8162 18x18mm COVER GLASS #1
# 8163 22x22mm COVER GLASS #1
# 8164 24x24mm COVER GLASS #1
# 8165 22x40mm COVER GLASS #1
# 8166 22x50mm COVER GLASS #1
  24x40mm COVER GLASS #1
# 8167 22x22mm  COVER GLASS #2
# 8170 22x60mm COVER GLASS #2
# 8171 22mm round COVER GLASS #0
# 8172 22mm round COVER GLASS #1
For Normal Light Microscopy: Types A and B

Type A, at 150 centistokes, reduces any tendancy to trap air, especially helpful to beginning students. Air bubbles cause image degradations.

# 4150325A Immersion oil TYPE A 500ml $ call for prices
# 4150322A Immersion oil TYPE A 250ml $ call for prices
# 4150321A Immersion oil TYPE A 100ml $ call for prices

Type B, at 1250 cSt, is thick enough for viewing multiple slides with one application. This saves time during batch processing.

# 4150325B Immersion oil TYPE B 500ml $ call for prices
# 4150322B Immersion oil TYPE B 250ml $ call for prices
# 4150321B Immersion oil TYPE B 100ml $ call for prices

MECALAB special BLEND give a great result.
Been test by many users and give a 10/10.
# 4150322M Immersion oil TYPE MECALAB 250ml $ call for prices
# 4150321M Immersion oil TYPE MECALAB 100ml $ call for prices

Inverted, Inclined, Projection, and Long Focus Intruments: Use type NVH. The greater the gap between the cover glass and objective, or between the slide and condenser, the more desirable high viscosity becomes. The very high viscosities of Type NVH at 21,000 cSt give excellent results for these applications.

# 4150365N Immersion oil TYPE NVH 500ml $ call for prices
# 4150362N Immersion oil TYPE NVH 250ml $ call for prices
# 4150361N Immersion oil TYPE NVH 100ml $ call for prices For Fluorescence Microscopy - Extremely low fluorescence is achieved by type LDF, the preferred immersion oil for this application. For non-critical fluorescence microscopy applications, types A and B are sufficiently low fluorescing.
# 4150345N Immersion oil TYPE LDF 500ml $ call for prices
# 4150342N Immersion oil TYPE LDF 250ml $ call for prices
# 4150341N Immersion oil TYPE LDF 100ml $ call for prices
7001 Microscope armrest
#07001 Microscope armrest $ P.O.R.
These armrests provide the user with a comfortable ergonomically correct arm position while using the microscope.
7002 Positioning plate for microscope
#07002 Positioning plate for microscope $ P.O.R.
MECALAB Positioning Plates allow the user to change the height of the microscope to the correct ergonomic position for each individual user.
 The plate can rise from 1 1/2” to 3 1/4” when fully extended.
The adjustable microscope positioning plate is formed with a firm, non-skid surface with rounded corners and measures 8.5” w x 11.5”l. The plates are weighted to hold their position on the work surface, which provides a solid platform for the microscope.