Gemmological stereomicroscope system
Specialised gemmological stereomicroscope
with 50X standard magnification and standard bright field and dark field observation
The GM-168's standard 50X magnification, one of the largest in the industry, permits you to see those hairline inclusions in the standard format, whereas other systems must add an auxiliary objective to achieve the same image. Complementing the magnification is the 6.7 : 1 zoom ratio, which allows the type of inspection to switch from finishing inspection to identifying the imperfection within the gem without the need to refocus thanks to the GM-168's parfocality. Furthermore, the GM-168's 113mm working distance offers you the choice of operating with the standard wire gem holder or a pair of jeweller's tweezers without the worry of contacting the optics or affecting the focus.

Equipped standard with both bright field and dark field observation, the GM-168 is a versatile inspection and diagnosis system for gems ranging from jadeite to emerald to diamond. Further assisting the observation of the diamond is the standard 6000K-gooseneck fluorescent incident to true test for the shimmer of the diamond and finishing through simple repositioning of the light. 

For user comfort and practicality, the GM-168's stand has a tilting range of 0° - 45° to conform the stand to the user instead of the user conforming to the stand. The GM-168 is the perfect option for the storefront with its 360° rotary base. The sales person can focus the microscope and conveniently rotate the base to the customer to demonstrate the purity and importance of a setting.

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1 : 14 Video zoom system with standard auto focus and capture functions to handle a variety of inspection tasks.
The Motic Z-14 combines the best of an optical stereomicroscope, 1 : 14 optical zoom, with the best of a video based system, auto focus, in one system for video inspection and documentation, simple measurement, and specimen cataloguing. The standard system consists of six parts: (1) Zoom Assembly, (2) Objective, (3) Stand, (4) Control box, (5) Hand Remote, and (6) Motic Images Plus 2.0 ML software, which are combined to complement each other in produce a user-friendly instrument. Equipped standard with a working distance of 172mm (0.5X objective) and an optical zoom ratio of 1 : 14, the Z-14 can easily be used in numerous tasks. The overall system outputs >480 lines of recognition to lessen the strain on the users eyes when viewing small samples.
Since the standard system is similar to a regular stereomicroscope setup, space consumption is kept to minimum. Moreover, keeping the same principle of a stereomicroscope, the Z-14's standard system is easily expandable with numerous accessories to meet any requirement of the task.
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PSM 1000
Modular Microscope
A conveniently laid out laser-ready system, ideal for the semiconductor & flat panel display industries.
Constructed around specially coated optics and geared for inspection and laser work [355nm - 1064nm] in one system, the PSM-1000 employs a series of features to facilitate both functions. The PSM-1000 can be quickly converted from optical inspection to laser work by utilising the 3-lens changeover turret and the beam splitter. The 3-lens changeover turret permits the user to select the spectrum to operate in or simply to magnify the image 2X [2000X maximum magnification with a 100X objective], whereas the beam splitter removes the optical prism to achieve the maximum transmission of the laser pulse. Current transmission efficiency tests put the PSM-1000 at 82% in the 1064nm spectrum.
Precise movments are crucial either when using a laser or inspection wafers or flat panels at high magnifications. Even with a resolution of 1 mm, the PSM-1000's focusing block can handle mounted weight up to 45lbs. The total stroke for the focusing block is 50mm with the option of being reversed for greater use of space.
The PSM-1000 is equipped standard with an adjustable forward-facing nosepiece. The mechanism of the nosepiece allows you to parcenter the objective by inserting two parcentering keys above the objective for convenience and speed. Gone are the days of hunting and pecking with a hexagon key!
  • Laser ready for 355nm to 1064nm spectrums
  • Up to 2000X magnification
  • 1 mm resolution and 45lbs mountable weight focusing block
  • Convenient parcentration

To further assist your understanding of the PSM-1000, the following are some sample applications for the PSM-1000.

Manual/Semi-Auto Probe Station:
Originally designed and intended for semiconductor prober industry, the PSM-1000 performs the task of both the optical inspection unit when viewing the connections on a wafer, and the laser delivery system for correcting connections.

Inspection Station:

Employing the PSM-1000 with a stand of your choice, the PSM-1000 easily converts into an inspection station for head engineer’s random spot checks or further investigation.

Laser Repair Station:

Operating similar to the inspection station, the laser repair station utilises a stand of one’s choice with a laser mounted on top of the PSM-1000.

Flat Panel Inspection System:
Using the head only option of the PSM-1000, the microscope would be mounted to a computer controlled, motorized focus block, then positioned on a gantry to move linear across the panel.

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UNITRON shopscopes are a system of modular, interchangeable optical and mechanical components that may be put together in a building block fashion to create a customized microscope system specifically suited to a particular application. As applications change, new components can be added or changed to meet new requirements. Shopscopes are regularly used for inspection and measurement as well as small parts inline assembly operations. They can be attached to precision alignment and drilling machines, as well as bonding, inspection and probe stations for semiconductor applications.
Key Features
  • Versatile, modular system that can be configured to fit specific applications
  • Utilizes a high resolution fixed optical or zoom objective system
  • Great for OEM applications
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Comparison Forensic Macroscope
Engineered and built upon years of tradition, value and excellence, UNITRON returns to the field of Forensic Science with the introduction of its new CFM Series Macroscope. With the design assistance of police organizations, forensic scientists and educators in the field of forensic science UNITRON’s CFM Series Macroscope offers unparalleled value and performance for the inspection of ballistics, firearms and toolmark examinations
Evidence can be observed simultaneously via the precision engineered comparison bridge that supports two sets of matched objective steps on a 5-step magnification changer. The CFM Series is equipped with 22mm field of view eyepieces and produces erect, unreversed images that move in the same direction as the specimen for ease of use.
Standard Specifications
  • 5 matched magnification steps – 0.8x, 1.25x, 2x, 3.2x and 4.8x
  • Images can be viewed as 100% right, 100% left, split or superimposed
  • The split image dividing line can be adjusted to any desired line width, offering maximum flexibility
  • CWF 10x eyepieces, 22mm field of view and CWF 20x eyepieces, 13mm field of view
  • Working distance – 95mm
  • Two 65mm diameter circular, ball bearing precision stages with horizontal coaxial stage controls
  • The stage movement ranges when moved independently are 56mm of X-axis, 56 mm of Y-axis and 56mm of Z-axis movement
  • Stage movement range when using the combined focus block is 80mm on the Z-axis movement
  • Each stage has gradient adjustments in both directions
  • 2.5 watt Circular LED Ring Light mounted to each optical system
  • 3 watt LED flexible light guide with focusing lens
  • A wide range of stage mounting plates, bullet and cartridge holders
  • Built-in touch pad to control all lighting options
  • Interpupillary distance adjustment range of 55 – 75mm
Optional Accessories
  • CWF 16x/16mm field of view, CWF 25x/13mm and CWF 30x/9mm eyepieces
  • Auxiliary objectives 0.4x and 2.0x
  • Digital cameras
  • CCD Adapters – 0.4x and 1.0x
  • Photo tube
  • Transmitted light stage – 95mm diameter, with 3 watt LED transmitted light source to observe transparent or translucent objects
  • 1 watt coaxial LED illuminators
  • Daylight, UV, Green or Red LED circular attachable light guides
  • Polarizer

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Measuring microscope

MEIJI Model MC-50T
The Model MC-50T is an incident and transmitted light measuring microscope with erect image trinocular head. The MC-50T can also convert into a reflective light unit simply by moving the light guide from the base into the vertical illuminator tube.

Meiji Techno's MC Series Precision Measuring Systems are composed of high quality metallurgical microscope components, precision X-Y stages and durable heavy duty stands. Meiji Techno measuring microscopes are available with 2-axis and 3-axis electronic digital readouts in inches and metric. These systems can be configured for use with 35mm photomicrography, analog CCD video, digital CCD video, digital CMOS videoand consumer-grade digital still camera systems. Operators can perform visual inspection and measurement of small items or components without complicated system setup. Mitutoyo Digimatic Micrometer heads have serial output for SPC applications. MC Series Systems are available in 110 or 220 volt, incident or transmitted, binocular or trinocular configurations.

For measuring systems with brightfield/darkfield and simple polarization capability, our MC-60 and MC-70 Series measuring microscopes are ideal.

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Meiji Techno UNIMAC Macroscopes are a fully modular universal zoom macroscope system with a wide array of features perfect for industrial, medical, educational, research applications as well as custom or OEM applications.
This versatile modular lens systems is suited for a variety
of applications with features like:
  • Superb Optical Quality
  • 0.7X to 4.5X Zoom Ratio
  • Maintains excellent parfocality throughout zoom range
  • 4 useful auxiliary lenses provide a range of working distances and magnifications.
  • On screen video magnifications range from 1.75X to 500X or more
  • Wide range of accessories including stands, focusing,
    illumination, polarized accessories and camera adapters
  • Many configurations available

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